Unlike its neighbor islands, the main village (capital) of Milos is not called Milos but Plaka (or Plaka Milou). It is a beautiful old settlement built on the slopes of a high volcanic rock. The castle of Plaka, Kastro, is at the highest point of the village, overlooking the entire island and the uninhabited island of Antimilos.

The first houses were built on the hill of Kastro, for best protection and later the other houses appeared, when there was no more space around the castle. Plaka center is closed for cars because the small streets are too narrow and only motorbikes can pass. There is a large municipal parking at the village entrance where you can leave your car.

Plaka center has plenty of labyrinth-like streets with small souvenir shops and on many place you can see mosaics of small colored stones. In the center there are a few taverns which set their tables directly on the small square. The church near the square has a large platform with view of Milos gulf. There are also a couple of museums - an archeological museum, a folklore museum and an unique sand museum.

On the top of Kastro stands the church of Virgin Mary from which you can see amazing sunsets.

highlights: island capital with magnificent views and venetian fortress, village in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Narrow street with taverna and souvenir shopsPlakaPlakaTaverna tables under grape vine shadesPlakaPlakaPlakaThe archeological museumThe archeological museumStatue at the archeological museumStatue parts at the archeological museumDirection signsTaverna tables hidden in an narrow streetThe folk and historical museumFolklore and historical museum working hoursFolklore and historical museum of MilosPebble mosaics between the church and the museumMosaic made with black and white volcanic pebblesPlakaSea view from the church squarePlatiena beach seen from the Plaka church squareCobbled village streetsPath with stairs next to the churchTourists wondering the narrow village streetsPlakaTaverna tables under grape vine shadesThe main gate for the castro walkwayWalking path to the Venetian castle on the hill topPlakaTourists visiting souvenir shopThe village is alive at nightTaverna hidden in the village streetsHand made cloths shopHandmade jewelery and souvenirs shopHandmade jewelry and souvenirs shopVillage street at nightPebble mosaicsBlack and white pebble mosaicsPeople enjoying the eveningThe village streets are alive at the nightThe village fills with live at nightfallWaiting for the nightfall at the venetian castleSeajet 2 leaving the island at sunsetMiniature Plaka as seen from the venetian castleSeajet 2 ferry arriving at Adams just before sunsetThe church inside the venetian castleThe church inside the venetian fortification atop the villageRomantic couple waiting for the sunsetRomantic couple waiting for the sunsetView from the venetian castle - the road from Plaka to the northern tiView from the venetian fortification to the south - Triovasalos, AdamaHouse with great view and next to the venetian fortificationsCurios cat comes to investigateCurious cat wanders the village streetsMarmara - The sand galleryThe catholic church signThe catholic church of RosarioThe catholic church of RosarioRoad sign for catholic church of RosarioMonastiraki Rosario catholic churchMonastiraki Rosario catholic churchSmall chapel at the village outskirts in Profitis Ilias directionNarrow street with small taverna and shades from vines and flowersA side street at nightPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlakaPlaka
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