Top 3 beaches in Ammouliani

The beach in a busy day

A small island named Ammouliani lies just off the coast of Mount Athos and attracts curious tourists like a magnet. It is a popular destination for day long excursions and short summer vacations. The island is connected with Mount Athos via ferryboat line which runs from Tripiti port and transports both people and vehicles. Ships travel often and tickets are affordable (around 10 euro for car and 2.20 euro for adult or child over 5).

Often people come to visit the island for a day, especially if they are spending their vacation in the nearby villages of Nea Roda, Ouranoupoli, Ierissos or the bigger hotel resorts in this part of Halkidiki. Visitors without own transport are usually stranded in Ammouliani Town and only visit the few small beaches that are within the village or next to it. For everyone who wants to see the better beaches of the island it is advisable to come with car or scooter. If you happen to visit Ammouliani read bellow about the best beaches of the island.


Boat with flowers at the background of blue sea and parasols

La plage la plus populaire d’Ammouliani, Alikes, se trouve sur la côte ouest de l’islan. Il est à environ 1 km du village. Alikes est une baie de sable en forme de croissant. L’eau est très peu profonde autour du rivage, adaptée aux petits enfants. En été, il dispose d’un camping et de quelques bars de plage. Des maisons et des appartements à louer sont disponibles dans la région.

Megali Ammos

The Big Sand still empty


The beach in a late afternoon
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