Questions fréquemment posées

What is Feel Greece?

Feel Greece is the place where you can find everything about Greece. Here is the answer of the questions - which is my beach, where is the most suitable hotel, what to eat, where to walk and many others.
This site gives oportmediay to:
* Travelers to have plenty of information about Greece in one place
* Greek tourism to distribute information and promote its services on the internet

What can be added to Feel Greece?

Everything that can be usefull for tourists visiting Greece. The focus is on cities, hotels, sights, food and drinks.

How to advertise my hotel/restaurant/other?

Send us an email and we will do the rest. See bellow what information to send.

What information to send for my hotel/restaurant/other?

* general information about the hotel/restaurant/other (location, number of rooms, facilities)
* contact details (address, telephones, e-mail, website)
* photos (inside, outside, photos of the town/village/area)
* prices, if you would like to
* any other information that you find useful (geo coordinates, sights nearby, area features, beach information)

Why do some texts sound funny?

There is a lot of information and languages in the site. Sometimes we may use machine translation so the text is available in all site languages. In the course of time we will lay efforts to edit it, yet any help is welcomed.

Is Feel Greece a travel agency?

No. Our priority is to give people (tourists) a chance to connect with Greek hotels directly, without mediation of travel agencies or third parties.

What is the origin of the images?

Some of the photos are personal, some from friends, other published under different licences.

Can I contribute to the site (information, photos ...)?

Any information about places in Greece is appreciated. Some of the places lack photos, so feel free to send such - you will be noted as the author (and backlinked, respectively).