Xifias is a small settlement 5 km away from Monemvasia and Gefyra, located in a bay with a couple of beaches. The village is very small and there are only a few hotels, guest houses and tavernas along the beach. Xifias has a magnificent view toward the enormous rock of Monemvasia and its Kastro.

Being one of the best in the area, the beaches of Xifias attract visitors from Gefyra and Monemvasia in the day but in the evenings the village is very quiet. The main beach is very long, with sand and pebbles. In the north part of Xifias there is one more beach called Ambelakia - a small sandy spot between two cliffs, with shallow water and beach bar.


XifiasView to the bigger beach of XifiasView to sea, Xifias and Monemvasia

highlights: small village with beaches close Monemvasia, village in Laconia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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