Laconia Region

various architectural styles, landscapes and historical landmarks

The town seen on the way to the top

Laconia Region

Laconia is an administrative region of Peloponnese which occupies major part of the southeast and south area of the peninsula. Capital of the region is the contemporary town of Sparti.

Laconia is the most distinctive region of Peloponnese. Uniting various architecture styles, landscapes and historical sights, it has many and different faces to show.

Points of interest in Laconia

The points of interest on the territory of Laconia are numerous and scattered all over the region. Here are the most popular of them:

- The Ancient town and castle of Monemvasia
- Elafonisos, a small island with sandy beaches and blue sea
- Mystras, a fortified town near Sparta
- The town of Gythio which reminds of Corfu town with its architecture
- Mani peninsula with the stone houses and towers
- The Diros caves near Areopoli, Mani
- Cape Tenaro, the southernmost point of continental Europe where you can also see an ancient sanctuary of Poseidon

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