Along with Voutoumi, Vrika is one of the two most famous beaches of Antipaxos and of the Ionian group as well. The water taxis from Gaios, Paxos, need only 10 minutes to take you to Antipaxos.

Vrika is the northernmost beach on the island, and the amazing striking blue color its water is due to the soft white sand. The sea is shallow around the shore and suitable for children, too. Vrika has two tavernas which provide fresh food, sunbeds and umbrellas. Behind the tavernas there is a footpath which leads to Voutoumi beach in 25-30 minutes.

highlights: famous beach with striking blue water, beach in Antipaxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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The ultimate blueVrikaTaverna Vrika by the seaTaverna Vrika on the beachThe ultimate blueThe ultimate blueThe ultimate blueThe north endThe ultimate blueVrikaThe ultimate blueTaverna by the seaThe ultimate blueVrikaFlip-flops on a vivid blue backgroundThe ultimate blueThe ultimate blueCruise boat from PaxosA cruise boat has just delivered touristsParty peoplethe ultimate blueVrikaVrikaVrikaThe boat and its shadowThe ultimate blueGlowing from belowVrika
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