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Antipaxos is a small islet with an area of 5 km2, part of the Paxi group. It is located 2 km south of Paxos and administratively belongs to it. The permanent residents of Antipaxos are less than 50 and tourists come from Paxos, Corfu and Parga by boat to spend just a day at the beach. The island has many vineyards for the production of local wine which is delivered to taverns in the neighbor Ionian islands.

The boats with tourists depart at the two main beaches of the island - Vrika (with soft sand) and Voutoumi (shingle but with sandy sea floor). Both beaches have beach taverns offering sunbeds and umbrellas for the clients. The water appears to be bright blue and transparent due to the white color of the sand, reminding of the Carribbean beaches.

Although there are roads, you cannot go by car to Antipaxos because there is no ferry line - the only way to get to the island is by boat from Paxos. No hotels are available but there are a few privates villas with pools which promise the best stay for those who want to escape civilization.

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