the largest island of the Paxi group



Paxos is part of a small group of islands in the Ionian Sea, called Paxi. Sometimes (incorrectly) they call the entire group Paxos, but Paxos is the largest island of the group and the most famous. Paxos has no airport and it can only be reached by sea from Corfu or from mainland Greece. There are regular ferry lines from Igoumenitsa (both for passengers and vehicles) and from Corfu (for passengers only). Daily trips are organized from Parga and Syvota on mainland, since they are close to Paxos and its very scenic neighbor Antipaxos.

The total area of the island is about 19 km2, covered with pine and olive trees. The architecture bears the stamp of the Venetians which ruled the island for a long period. The east coast is flat and the beaches are more accessible, while the west is steep and the sea has dug caves and interesting shapes in the limestone rocks. The west coast can be explored via boat trip but yet there are some places which can be accessed partially by car and on foot. On this coast is located Trypitos (also called Kamara and "the Door"), a huge natural arch in a sea rock that looks scary from a distance but actually you can easily walk on it.

Paxos has three ports: Gaios - the capital and the largest settlement, Lakka - a small village in the north, and Longos - the smallest port with a couple of houses and taverns by the sea. The nearby island of Mongonissi is so close to Paxos that both have been connected via a small causeway, about 20 meters long. In the inner part of Paxos there are settlements with houses (and the names of almost all of them end in "tika") but they are very small, although many villas to rent are available namely there. The largest of them are Magazia, Bogdanatika and Ozias as they also have some taverns and mini markets.

The beaches of Paxos are with pebbles and stones except for the beach on Mongonissi, which is the only one with sand. Nevertheless, they all compensate with clean blue water and the flat stones could be an entertaining occupation for making figures. The imposing beach of Erimitis is the only one on the west coast which can be accessed on foot via a short path and a few stone steps, and it is also a place to enjoy the sunset. Actually most people tend to go to the beaches of Antipaxos by boat taxi from Gaios.

highlights: the largest island of the Paxi group, island in Ionian Islands, Greece

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