The traditional village of Vivlos lies in the inner part of Naxos, close to Agios Arsenios and Glinado. It is dominated by three windmills, clearly visible during the day and illuminated at night. The closest beaches are Plaka and Agia Anna, both within a distance of less than 5 km.

The old neighborhood of Vivlos bears the characteristics of a typical Cycladic village, with whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, lots of flowers and a small square with taverna. The houses in this part are built on the hill where the windmills are, and all alleys lead to the top. The newer neighborhood has developed around the hill and the main road which passes through it, but the buildings are still in the same white-and-blue style. Here you can find a bakery (with a choice of local pastries, bread and sweets) and two grill restaurants. Since the streets aside from the main road are too narrow, you are not advised to enter them by car - use the few parking lots instead. Two of them are close to the bakery and the village entrance, and one more is available at the back side of the windmills.

One more interesting place to visit in Vivlos is the old wash house - ruins of a building which was used as a public laundry by the local women. The wash house is just next to the main road, at the village exit in Ano Sangri direction.

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