Portara is the first thing you will see when approaching Naxos Town by ferry and it has become a symbol of the island. A giant marble door rises up on a small islet next to the port, greeting the arriving and departing boats. The islet is connected to the town via causeway and you can easily walk to it and climb to the door via a short path.

Portara (the big door) was part of ancient temple dedicated to Apollo, dating back to 530 B.C, and sometimes they call it Apollo`s Gate as well. The temple was never fully completed but the imposing door has lasted over the centuries and today it is a like a magnet for all who visit Naxos. Visitors are impressed not only by the door size but also by the view to Naxos Town kastro. At sunset it turns into a magical place you should not miss. On the islet there is also a cafe and although there is no beach but only concrete walls and steps, many are tempted to swim here because the place is well protected from waves even in the windiest days.

highlights: giant marble door from ancient temple, historic sight in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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