Neo Klima

A strip of light pebbles

Neo Klima, also known as Elios, is a relatively new village built some 30 years ago after the mountainous village of Palio Klima was destroyed by an earthquake. The new village was built around the seaside in order to develop tourism. Neo Klima is situated on the western coast of Skopelos, 20 km from the capital. Palio Klima is a few kilometers away and there you can seen only destroyed houses or restored private villas.

In Neo Klima there are hotels and rooms to rent, as well as some restaurants and super markets. The village has a small port and two narrow beaches with pebbles - Elios and Hovolo. Other beaches nearby are Milia, Kastani and Armenopetra.


A strip of light pebblesShipwreck on Elios beachStreet along the portGrass on Elios beachNeo Klima village

highlights: touristic village by the sea, village in Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greece

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