small island with sandy beaches close to Corfu

The beach next to the port


Ereikoussa (also Erikoussa) is a tiny islet in the Ionian sea, part of the Diapontia group. Although miniature, it is inhabited and lies close to the north shore of Corfu. Most people come for a daily trip but there are also hotels for those who want to experience the a real stay off the beaten track.

Ereikoussa is accessible from Corfu island - via a ferry from Corfu Town and via boats from Sidari (and from Agios Stefanos - west and Acharavi in the summer). The ferry from Corfu town runs a few times per week and carries both passenger and cars, and the trip last 3 hours. This ferry also connects Ereikoussa with Othoni and Mathraki, the other inhabited islands of the Diapontia group. The boat from Sidari carries passengers only and the trip takes 1 hour. It departs in the morning and stays for 4 hours in Ereikoussa until it sets off for Sidari in the afternoon. In the summer there are also organized daily trips combing some or all of the inhabited Diapontia islands. A helicopter platform is available right above the port.

The shape of Ereikoussa is almost circular and its size is about 4 km2, covered by green cypress forests and olive trees. There is only one settlement, in the south, which is presented by scattered houses around the small island port, and it has a few restaurants, cafe, pastry, doctor`s office and mini markets for basic goods. The north part is hilly and undeveloped, and the vertical cliffs abruptly reach the sea. Ereikoussa has two beaches, both long, sandy and shallow. One is called Porto, next to the port, and it has even some sunbeds and parasols provided by a beach restaurant. The other one, Bragini, is on the southeast coast and it has no facilities at all. The island has a network of unpaved roads which cross it all over to reach more remote houses and a few rocky coves but you can also easily walk it because the distance from the southernmost to the northernmost part is less than 3 km.

The coast of Ereikoussa has interesting rock formation, similar to those around Sidari, but most of them can be seen from the sea.

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