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Mathraki is a very small and almost unknown island of the Ionian group. It lies close to the northwest shores of Corfu island and together with the islets of Othoni and Erikoussa forms the Diapontia group. Mathraki is inhabited and has a permanent population of 330 residents but due to its size and remote location very few people dare to spend their holiday on this island.

Mathraki is accessible via ferry from Corfu Town (a few times weekly) and by boat from the Corfu village of Agios Stefanos - west (only in summer). The ferry from Corfu Town takes cars and passengers and it travels about 3 hours, passing by Erikoussa and Othoni on the way. The boat from Agios Stefanos carries passengers only and the journey takes 45 minutes. There are also organized trips which allow you to see all the three Diapontia islands within a day, departing in the morning and arriving in the afternoon but these trips take place only in the summer. All boats and ferries arrive at the island port which is called Plakes, in the north part.

Mathraki has an elongated shape, being less than 4 km long and about 1 km wide in its widest part. Although there are roads for cars, one can easily walk the island for a few hours. There are two settlements, Ano Mathraki to the north which is actually around Plakes, and Kato Mathraki in the south, also called Chorio ("village"). A few tavernas and cafes are scattered around the port, and accommodation is provided in small hotels and rooms to rent, still limited in number but enough to welcome brave visitors. The east coast of the island is almost entirely occupied by a long sandy beach, called Portello. Portello starts from Plakes and stretches for 2 km, with shallow and crystal clear water. The west side has a few beaches, too, but they are tiny and pebbled.

highlights: small and remote inhabited island close to Corfu, island in Ionian Islands, Greece

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