Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis (Akra Drastis in Greek) is the northwesternmost point of Corfu island. But what makes it a sight is the weird shape of the cliffs with tiny sea caves and peculiar formations with a few sandy strips between them.

When climate conditions allow, Cape Drastis can be visited by boat. The small beaches between the cliffs have fine sand which resembles clay and the sea bottom is shallow but due to the strong winds which often blow in this part of the island, it is not recommendable for kids. You can also go to Cape Drastis by car and see it from above - you need to follow a narrow road which starts from Peroulades village and continues for 500 meters. It will take you to the point above the cape but going down is not possible as the cliffs are vertical and slope straight down to the sea. Wind should be considered here, too, and it may be a bit unpleasant to get a closer view when it is blowing hard in your face. The view however is worthy. From closely the cape looks like a giant turtle head with a few smaller turtle formations swimming around it.

Between Cape Drastis and Sidari there is a small cove with boat to rent which you can use to visit the cape. The cove has no sand but the rocks around it are terraced shape like Canal D`amour and suitable for sunbathing and swimming when weather is calm.

highlights: weird rock formations in the northwest, nature in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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Cape Drastis
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