Canal D`Amour

Canal D`Amour

Canal D`Amour (or the Channel of Love) is the most famous place in Sidari and one of the most interesting spots on Corfu as well. It is a narrow channel between two porous terraced cliffs, with a tiny beach. Depending on weather conditions, the beach may be overwhelmed by waves and people usually spread their towels on the cliffs. The sea bottom is very shallow around the shore, covered by the soft clayish sand typical for the area.

There are various beliefs why the place is called the Channel of Love. One of them is based on the small tunnel in the porous rock which allows you to swim through it and exit from the other side where there is another smaller channel. They say that namely this tunnel gave the name and if couples in love swim through it together, they will stay together forever. Anyway, not only couples come here and it gets crowded in certain periods of the day, especially in July and August. Sunbeds to rent are available from a neighbor cafe, as well as drinks and snacks.

highlights: narrow channel between two terraced sea cliffs, beach in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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Aerial view of the canalThe channel of loveThe tunnel of loveTerraced rocksThe channel of love just before sunsetThe channel of love just before sunset
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