Agios Nikolaos Alikis

Agios Nikolaos Alikis

Agios Nikolaos beach is located at the outskirts of Aliki village in Parikia direction. It is a few hundred meters from the village center and easily reached on foot. The beach is 250 meters long, up to 30 meters wide and covered with fine sand mixed with pebbles. The beach end towards the village center gets narrow, covered with pebbles, and it has trees. Under the tree shades there are charming taverna tables. Two of the tables are prominently placed away of the shades, arranged with blue chairs and white cups, and often photographed by passersby. These two tables have become a prominent feature of the place.

Few people visit the beach and they are guests from the nearest hotels or people seeking calm and relaxing atmosphere. At the back of the beach there are tennis and basketball courts and football field, children playground, parking area and small salty lake.
Agios Nikolaos beach and Aliki central beach are separated by small rocky cape. At the tip of the cape there is tiny fishing harbor, a dozen trees and wooden bench with splendid view of the sea and surrounding shoreline.

highlights: beach with fine sand, pebbles and picturesque taverna, beach in Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Beach view with village center at the far endHalf of the beach has pebbles the other half is clear sandThe beach has pebble and small stones in the fine sandThe scenic taverna at the beachTables and chairs from the scenic taverna at the beachBlue table and white chairs on the beachScenic tables and chairs arranged on the beachThe trees on the beach end towards the village centerThe information panel with all places of interest in the village
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