Though you will meet it written as "Faragas", the right pronunciation is "Farangas". It is a small beach located in the south part of Paros, in an area which is almost uninhabited except for a few holiday homes. The closest village is Aliki, at a distance of 3-4 km. The main road of the island passes above the beach, in order to go down you should take a secondary road.

Farangas is set in a cove and enclosed by sea rocks. It has fine sand a cluster of tress behind the beach. In the summer a beach bar is operating there, occupying most of the beach and offering sunbeds, drinks and light meals. Although Farangas is sandy, there are rocks and pebbles at some places in the water, so you should be careful when entering the sea.

highlights: sandy beach in uninhabited area, beach in Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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The beach area as seen from above main roadThe beach as seen between the guest housesThe parking area and the ancient fortificationsThe beach, villas and sourrounding hill slopeThere are more villas a few hundred meters away from the beach
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