Rhodes - the island of the knights

Kalimera, dear tourists – this is how the Greeks say “good day to you.” Welcome to the city on the Island of Rhodes also familiar as the City of Knights.
Why, it is the miraculous land whose subtropical climate guarantees the absolute golden tan. Helios, the God of the Sun is the patron of the Island Rhodes, appointed as such by the supreme deity Zeus when he was distributing the land among the Greek divinities. When ancient Greeks thought of Helios, they imagined a strikingly handsome deity, with his hair flowing in the wind. He was riding a golden chariot through the skies, pulled by four fiery horses. Helios was revered as omnipotent Zeus himself, for he was the witness of everything that happened in the heavens and in the world.

Rhodes’s Glory

Rhodes was one of the most glorious towns in antiquity. A great statue of Helios rose above the city. A monument of super-human proportions, the Colossus was celebrated as the Seventh Wonder of the Ancient world. It was nearly as tall as the Statue of Liberty – but in its times it was twice as tall as any statue that had ever been built. A terrible earthquake was the element that the Colossus could not withstand. However, it has served as an inspiration for many art projects of the contemporary world the most popular of which is the aforementioned Statue of Liberty.
The name Rhodes is claimed to have been received from the roses which grew in abundance on the island. In ancient times almost no ceremony was possible without these fragrant flowers.

Rhodes’s Past

Street of the knights

Rhodes has got a rich and dramatic past – it is also familiar as the City of Knights – as the Knights of the Order of St. John settled there and occupied the island for two centuries, building all kinds of exotic samples of Gothic, medieval architecture – a glimpse at a very different world. The old town, where the knights had raved architecturally, is voted a World Heritage site and has got a soul of its own. Many people rent bicycles to get around the old town in the exploration of the preserved culture of the knights. Full of stronghold fortifications, small alleys and traditional buildings, the old city of Rhodes has been influenced by the Hellenistic, Ottoman, Byzantine and Italian period. The Palace of the Grand Magister of the Knights has turned into a rich museum. There you can see medieval mirrors, furniture, pots, and paintings. Rhodes reminds of Athens because of its Acropolis and of London for the Clock Tower. It has got places of the congregation such as churches and mosques. The Knights of medieval times were known as protectors of the weak, lovers of the country, honesty, and generosity champions of what they believed were right and good.


View of the whole beach

The Island of Rhodes has got more than 42 ravishing beaches – endless beaches with golden sands, which are safe and well organized. Resting at the sea is the perfect summer retreat, and the beach is the best place in the world to take it easy. It is the most wonderful space for the lover of natural beauty, the history geek, the seeker of hospitality and everybody who dreams of pure vacation delight.
Amazing Rhodes is colored everywhere in blue and green, it alleviates the soul, delights the eyes and inspires the poet. The sun caresses the sea and creates a path of light upon the surface. A couple immediately starts dreaming of taking long, romantic walks on the beach. You feel like walking in a direction where there is no path or way and sit near the splashing waves. By all means, sit at the bar that is beside the sea! There are a large number of small cafes near the seaside. The fantastic beaches of Rhodes provide a view to crystal clear water of turquoise color.

The Valley of Butterflies

Valley of the butterflies

The Valley of Butterflies (Petaloudes in Greek) is a unique natural preserve, one of the most renowned in Europe. This magical place is picturesquely sunk into green vegetation, and full of lush plants, numerous brooks, small lakes and beautiful waterfalls. It is the home of thousands of butterflies, which reside there after the rain season at the end of May. It is not allowed for the tourists to raise noise in the valley and scare the butterflies. However, the ambient noise of rippling water soundtracks the stunningly beautiful landscape. Nearby there is a farm of ostriches, organized as a zoo and offering the tourists to feed the animals and acquire unusual souvenirs.


Also, because you are in Greece, you should eat Gyros – everything you can imagine embraced by fresh pita bread. Enjoy the traditional food and the lovely wine. The place is full of outstanding cafes and bars with excellent service. Most restaurants in Rhodes are worth the visit – beautiful food, fresh fish, and a pleasant atmosphere. By all means, try the gorgeous dessert Tiramisu, the Frappe, the Greek Salad and the Grilled Octopus – the specialties of local cuisine all crafted to perfection.
You will receive heartfelt thanks from the accommodation and all kinds of attendants and servers, for being pleased with their service. They spread love and best wishes according to the venerable custom of Greek hospitality called Xenia. Xenia stands for reciprocity among guest and host both in the material aspects (such as giving gifts) and non-material ones (favors, or rights).

Is it time for a summer adventure?

The bay of St. Paul

Rhodes cordially invites you for your special moment - the summertime vacation.
Rhodes offers pleasure, history, beaches, and spirit, which will charm you with their special magic. It will not leave the visitor indifferent, even if he is an experienced traveler. In the old town – you can shop until you drop – all kinds of boutiques, artsy shops, and brand clothing and accessories. Art lovers will be overwhelmed by hand-made items including paintings, figures, clocks and many others. Visiting Rhodes in the summer is one of the best trips you can make. It will be an unforgettable experience for all the travel lovers in the world.

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