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The old harbor of Limenas is a picturesque fishing harbor close to the Ancient Agora and the old part of the town. It is about 1 km away from the new port where ferries arrive and depart, and you can easily reach it if you just follow the promenade or the labyrinth like alleys of the center.

The port is used for fishing boats only and around it there are fishing taverns serving the daily catch. Just next to the port is the well organized Limanaki beach so the place is lively both day and night. In the day you can watch the fishermen checking their nets by the boats, and the in the evening you can take a stroll at the pier of the harbor and enjoy the beautiful sunset. At the seafront behind the harbor you will notice an archaic-looking but well preserved building which differs from the others - this is Kalogeriko, the most emblematic building of Limenas dating back to 19 century. It serves as an exhibition hall where various artistic and cultural events are held.

faits saillants: picturesque fishing port in the old town, historique en Limenas, Thasos, Grèce

Old HarborOld Harbor
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