Sarakiniko Shipwreck

Sarakiniko Shipwreck

This is a not very popular attraction and there are no signs and you can easily miss it if you don`t know about it. It is very close to Sarakiniko and accessible on foot. You have have to follow the white rocks east of Sarakiniko, walking close to the sea (actually, above the sea). You will see the two parts of the ship sticking out of the sea near the rocky coast.

The wrecked pieces belong to the tanker Africa which crashed into the rocks during a storm in 2003. Soon after the crash the ship broke into two pieces which sunk but parts of them protrude above the water level. The locals decided to leave the ship as a tourist attraction and an unusual snorkeling spot.

highlights: a wrecked ship and snorkleing spot, historic sight in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Sarakiniko ShipwreckTourists taking picturesSarakiniko ShipwreckSo many tourists so many picturesFishermanSarakiniko ShipwreckThe ship is slowly sinking and soon will disappearThe ship and the sharp rocks around itThe rock mushrooms and whitish sand-scape behind the wreckBehind the wreck there are many shapes from rocks and sandsThere is live even in that rocky desert - lizard hiding in a shadeRocky terrain with all kind of shapesTourists returning from the shipwreckThe wreck seen from a distanceThe landscape is barren, covered with rock formations and some lizards hiding in the shadesWhen you turn eyes away from the sea it feels moonlikeSparkling water in the covesThe woolfhead rock behind the wreckThe ship remains gradually rust awayOnly a few parts remain above waterPeople crowd on the rock ends to take better picturesThe coastline also offers fishing opportunities
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Address: Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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