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Pserimos is a small island of the Dodecanese group, located between Kos and Kalymnos. Despite its small size and barren rocky landscape, the island is inhabited and has just over 40 residents who live there all year round, engaged in fishing and tourism.

Pserimos covers an area of just 15, with irregular shape and very indented coastline. It is connected via ferries to Kalymnos (regular schedule but not every day in winter months) and to Kos (Mastichari, only in the summer). Daily boat trips are also organized with Pserimos included in their program. The only kind of a settlement is around the small port, with a cluster of houses, a few tavernas and cafes, souvenir shop and a church. Accommodation is limited, provided in small guesthouse with rooms to rent, promising ultimate relax and getaway. During the day tourists from Kos and Kalymnos occupy the nice sandy shallow beach next to the port but when they are gone in the late afternoon, the place gets very quiet and isolated. You will not need a car on Pserimos because it has only one dirt road leading to a beach on the north coast, the rest of the island is accessible via footpaths and hikers would love to explore it and reach the small empty coves.

There are not so many beaches on Pserimos but they could turn out to be your private paradise since all daily tourists stay mainly at the port and hardly go elsewhere on the island, provided they need to walk. Just opposite the port, on the north coast where the only road goes, is located the beach of Marathonda. It is locked between high cliffs forming a channel and has coarse sand mixed with pebbles. There is also a small pier for private boat tours which sometimes drop people on this beach. 2 km east of the port lies the blue beach of Vathi, and 1 km west of the port is the scenic beach of Grafiotissa. Grafiotissa is long and sandy, with reddish rocks at the back and the small church of Panagia Grafiotissa which gave the name of the place. The rest beaches on Pserimos are tiny coves with names known only by the locals. No facilities are available on any of the beach, except for the one near the port.

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