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View from Kefalos castle


The island of Kos is one of the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese group. It lies between the islands of Kalymnos and Nisyros, and it is also very close to Bodrum on mainland Turkey. Kos is accessible via airplane and ferryboat. The airport is in the middle of the island, while the ferries from Piraues and other islands of the group depart at the port of Kos town, the capital. Smaller ports on Kos have regular links with the islands of Nisyros and Kalymnos. There are also ferries from and to Bodrum town which take both people and cars.

Kos has the shape of a fish and most of its area is flat and barren, except for the high mountain which rises up in the east. The island is known for the plenty of beaches and hotels to stay. Fans of all-inclusive basis can find a large choice of big hotel chains and smaller family hotels offering accommodation on this basis. Most of the beaches are sandy and with shallow water, making the island suitable choice for families with kids.

The capital of the island, Kos Town, is a beautiful and rich in history place, with well preserved castle at the port, Roman ruins and old quarter. Other larger settlements on the island are Kardamena, Kefalos, Mastichari, Marmari, Tingaki and Antimachia.

Apart from the beaches, here is a list of interesting places on Kos:
- Kos Town - the Nerantzia castle (the Castle of the Knights), the old quarter around Elefterios square, the Roman ruins (Agora, Odeon and Roman house) and Hippocrates Plane Tree Source
- The ancient complex of Asklepieion
- The Antimachia Castle, Venetian fortress near the village of Antimachia
- Thermes, a small bay with hot springs in the sea which offer natural spa
- The mountainous villages of Zia and Lagoudi, with panoramic view of the island and the sunset
- Kefalos village in the west with ruins of a castle and panoramic view of Kefalos gulf and the island
- The basilica of Agios Stefanos on the beach near Kefalos
- The ruins of ancient Pyli castle, on an elevation above Pyli village

Day trips to Nisyros (from Kardamena) and to Kalymnos (from Mastichari) are highly recommendable.

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highlights: sandy beaches, historical sights and choice of hotels, island in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

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