Pounta is a long, shallow and sandy beach near Viglafia village, Laconia, South Peloponnese. There is ferry pier on the beach from which travels the ferry to Elafonisos island.

The sea is shallow, crystal clear and sparkling blue. The east part of the beach is covered with big sand dunes and small bushes. The place is popular with the campers although there is no official camping. The campers usually stop behind the dunes or on the small pier parking.

From the far east side of the beach starts Pavlopetri - the 5000 years old submerged town. Before many centuries Elafonisos island was connected with the mainland and there was city in this place. An earthquake separated the island and submerged the city few meters under the sea. The buildings, roads, walls and everything gradually covered with sand and disappeared from human sight. The underwater town was discovered in 1967 and extensively mapped and researched from underwater archeologists. Tourists and ferry passengers will see no or very few visual signs of what was once a prosperous city.

The ferries to Elafonisos island travel the short distance between the beach and the island in 15 minutes. There are two different companies providing the ferry service with boats traveling on frequent intervals.


highlights: shallow sandy beach with dunes and crystal blue sea, beach in Laconia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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