Situated in the same bay where Finikas is, Poseidonia is scattered along the main road and the sea. Many of the houses are old mansions preserved in their original look. The beach is very small but just outside the village you can find the beach of Agathopes, and between Poseidonia and Finikas there is a beach called Voulgari. Actually, they are all so close that it is difficult to say where the border between Poseidonia and the rest is.

highlights: old mansions and beaches, village in Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Small sandy beach with pebbly waterfrontThe main road passes next to the seaOld and rusty boat loading equipmentPoseidoniaThe beach is sandy with few pebbles at the waterfrontDistant View from a hill near Voulgari beachView to the village and beaches from the road near Finikas
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