Paliorema is the strangest beach of the island, considering it is the place where the abandoned mine Thiorichia rises up. Instead of trees and beach facilities, you will be surrounded by old mining wagons, tools and parts. The sea around the shore is deep, it was used for a pier from which ships were loaded with sulfur and other minerals from the mine. The atmosphere is very weird, making it an unique spot, though not very suitable for a beach.

Usually there are not many people swimming and sunbathing but visitors willing to see the mine come and go any time, so do not expect privacy. Paliorema can be reached via a dirt road which starts from Zephyria village (7-8 km) and ends above the mine. After that you have to walk about 500 meters on a wide path which is forbidden for cars. The closest village is Zephyria, there are no building, cafes or taverns in the area.

highlights: the strangest beach of the island, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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PalioremaPalioremaThe beach and the ruined mine buildingsThe beach seen from the loading pierFlowers will welcome you at the mine and the beachThe beach and the minePalioremaThe road is forbidden for cars and should be walkedThe forbidden for vehicles signThere is plenty of space to parkCloudy and windy video from the beach and the mine
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