Being connected via a bridge with Paxos, Mongonisi is practically part of it, although still considered an islet. It is a small piece of rock, often pronounced as Mogonisi as well. The bridge is just 10 meters long and the water between the two islands is so shallow that one also can easily walk from one to the other.

Mongonisi is very small and there almost no facilities for tourists. There is a small port for yachts, one tavern by the sea and a tiny sandy beach in front of the tavern. The only campsite fore the region of Paxos can be found on Mongonisi. Except for a couple of private villas, hotels are not available on the islet itself but a big hotel resort on Paxos is located just next to Mongonisi bay.

highlights: small islet connected to Paxos, beach in Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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MongonisiView from PaxosView from Paxos main roadThe bridge connecting Paxos and MongonisiSunbeds near the boatsPaxos seaside seen from MongonissiMongonisiMongonisiThe concrete part of Mongonisi beachCalm waterMongonisiThe swan and the seaPlant species of the islandPlant species of the islandThe parking of the beach tavernaMongonisiThe narrow channel between Paxos and MongonisiMongonisiThe bridgeThe bridge between Paxos and MongonisiMongonisi in the distanceMongonisi beach and its tavern at night
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