Megalochori is one of the oldest villages of Santorini and its name literally means "large village". It is very close to the port of Athinios and to the caldera.

The main road of the island passes by Megalochori but does not enter it, the center is 300-400 meters away. Before you reach the center, you will see the parking lot - cars must be left here because the inner alleys of the village are too narrow. Within a short walk from the parking lot is the church of Panagia ton Eisodion and the small square, with a couple of tavernas and workshops for handmade souvenirs. From the square a narrow alley leads to the most famous bell tower of the village, close to the church of Agii Anargiri. Most of the houses you will see in Megalochori are in the traditional for Santorini style and the overall appearance of the village is well-preserved.

highlights: old village with traditional houses, village in Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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