Approaching the port


Athinios (Ormos Athinios) is the main port of Santorini where all ferries arrive. The rest ports of the island are small and only tourist boats and fishing boats stop there. Cruise ships usually anchor in the middle of the caldera and then passengers approach Fira, the capital, by boat.

Athinios is approximately 7 km away from Fira. When you approach the port or depart from it, you can see the imposing caldera cliffs and their colors. Around the port there are a few car rental companies, travel agencies which sell tickets and a cafe. Transfers to all hotels are also available.

highlights: the main port of the island, port in Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Approaching the portApproaching the portBuses going up the roadView from the roadTravel agencies and car rental companies

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