Kato Korakiana

Kato Korakiana

Kato Korakiana (meaning Lower Korakiana) is a 5 century old village, 1 km away from the sea, between Ipsos and Dassia, Corfu island. Kato Korakiana is closely related to Ano Korakiana (Upper Korakiana) and together the two villages are known as Katomeri. The village limits are hard to tell as it seamlessly connects with the neighbor coastal settlements. At the same time, due to its lack of beach, it is saved from the construction of large hotel complexes and overcrowding due to influx of many tourists.

Kato Korakiana is scattered along the main road from Dassia towards Ano Korakiana with additional clusters of houses built around the small side roads. There are plenty and different trees which make the settlement look even bigger. Some areas are covered with big gardens or olive groves which may confuse visitors that they have exited the village. Many of the villas and holiday homes for rent are hidden behind the trees and provide privacy and quiet and peaceful environment. Some properties occupy very old but renovated houses, other offer swimming pools but all are generally considered very good for relaxing holiday.

Kato Korakiana has plenty of shops, tavernas and cafes which will satisfy the day-to-day needs for most travelers. In the village there are some sights of interest - the medieval Polylas family tower extended to palace (now known as the abandoned Mansion Castello Bibelli) and the medieval tower of Garoufas. People with car can reach Corfu Town in 15 minutes and access even more shops, services and the main island airport and ferry port.

highlights: old and large village with many villas for relaxing holiday, village in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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Old house in traditional corfiot architecturethe abandoned Mansion Castello Bibelli
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