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Kastos (has nothing to do with Kasos) is a small island with long and narrow shape, off the west coast of mainland Greece. It belongs to the Ionian island group and although you may have never heard of it, it has about 80 permanent residents. Namely because of its unpopularity it is still a very unspoilt and calm place.

Kastos lies close to Kalamos, another unknown Ionian island next to Meganissi. It is connected to the port village of Mytikas on mainland Greece via a local ferry which runs a few times weekly (traveling 30-60 minutes), and to Kalamos (20 min). You can also visit it by private boat/yacht, that is how most visitors come to Kastos, or to take advantage of a daily boat cruise from Lefkada island in the summer. Kastos has only one settlement around the port and it consists of private houses, three tavernas, two coffee bars and a small shop for basic good. Accommodation options are still very limited on the island, provided in a few holiday homes and a complex of studios to rent.

The island is about 7 km long and less than 1 km wide so it is a good choice for hikers. There are no high elevations but the entire area is covered by small green trees. The east coast is presented by multiple small coves next to each other, over 15 in number, with pebbles and emerald color of the sea. These beaches are connected via the main road which runs along the sea but no facilities are provided on them. Everything is concentrated around the port, except for sporadic houses here and there. A holiday on Kastos almost feels like a holiday on your private island and beach. The west coast has no beaches, only a small harbor.

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