Kaiser Throne

The platform seen from the entrance

Kaiser Throne is a spot on the top of the cliffs above Pelekas village with 360-degree panoramic view of the entire island. The place was used as observatory by Wilhelm II, the German Kaiser who spent his summers in Corfu, and thus its name.

The entrance to Kaiser Throne is completely free, with a free parking in front of it. There are two fenced round platforms from which you can safely enjoy the view and particularly the east coast. A small binocular in the middle of the upper platform would allow you to see objects and details even closer, and in nice weather the shores of Albania are clearly visible, too. The view to the west coast is partially hidden by a hotel built next to the parking but it compensates with a cafe-restaurant with open-air balcony and view to the sunset and the sea.


Address and contacts

Address: Pelekas, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece
Location: view on map

highlights: observatory spot with panoramic view of the entire island, nature in Pelekas, Corfu, Greece

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