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Mirtiotissa (Myrtiotissa) was and still is the official nude beach of Corfu. It is located in isolated place on the western coast of the island, between the villages of Pelekas and Vatos.

In the past there was no road for cars to Mirtiotissa, the access was on foot or by boat and the beach was used by naturists only. Today, however, there is a dirt road which goes down to the sea and there are all kinds of visitors, naked or not, thought naked are more. If you are coming from the capital, you should follow the signs for Pelekas and Glyfada and 2-3 km before you reach them, there are some signboards for Mirtiotissa which will lead you.

Another difference in Mirtotissa before and now is the beach size. A few decades ago it was three times larger and divided into three parts by small groups of cliffs. Gradually the sea has swallowed most of the beach but it is still of interest for many due to its former fame of a little piece of heaven. Above Mirtiotissa is the Monastery of Mirtiotissa, a tranquil place with breath-taking views.

Mirtiotissa borders with the beach of Glyfada but both are separated by high rocks and there is no road for cars between them, only a steep footpath.

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View from above the beachView from above the beachThe monastery of Panagia Mirtiotissa

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