Ioannina Region

mountainous area with stone villages and gorge

Kokoros bridge

Ioannina Region

Ioannina is a large and touristic mountainous region of Greece, although landlocked. It lies in north Epirus, occupied mostly by the Pindus mountain range. The capital of Ioannina is the town of Ioannina on the shore of lake Pamvotis. The region is most famous for the area Zagori, also called Zagorochoria - it includes 46 villages with stone alleys and houses in the typical for the region architecture.

Sights and interesting places to visit in the region are:

- The town of Ioannina with its medieval castle, Ottoman mosques, three museums (archeological, ethnographic and Byzantine).
- Ioannina island, which is in lake Pamvotis, reachable via small boats departing from Ioannina town on a regular schedule. The island houses a few monasteries and a tiny village with tavernas, cafes and shops for local products and souvenirs.
- The villages of Zagori and the National Park of Vikos-Aoos, formed around the gorges of Vikos and Aoos. Vikos Gorge with the river Voidomatis running through it is a popular destination for ecotourism and rafting. Old stone bridges above the river can be seen near the villages of Kipi and Konitsa.
- The Kipina Monastery close to the village of Kalarites. The monastery is built within a high vertical rock and dates back to 13 century.
- The Ancient site of Dodona oracle near the village of Dodoni. A big ancient theater can also be seen there.

highlights: mountainous area with stone villages and gorge, region in Epirus, Greece

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