Arcadia Region

authentic mountainous villages and pebbled beaches with blue water

Arcadion village

Arcadia Region

Arcadia is an administrative and geographical region in the central part of Peloponnese. Major part of it is mountainous and the mountains of Arcadia are often mentioned in Greek mythology.

The region includes both high mountains (with a ski resort) and a seaside area with blue pebbled beaches. Arcadia is believed to be a great place for ecotourism and hiking, with the most authentic Greek atmosphere.

The mountainous destinations of Arcadia

Moutainous village built on a slope

Most of the mountainous villages are worth to see as their architecture is traditional and well preserved. Some of the most visited among them are Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Kastanitsa and Karytaina. Karytaina also has an old castle and an old Frankish bridge which are worth to see.

Points of interest in the region are the monasteries like Agios Ioannis Prodromos (near Stemnitsa) and Agios Nikolaos Sintzas.

The beach destinations of Arcadia

Plaka beach

The seaside of Arcadia is not very popular for beach holidays because the beaches are predominantly narrow and pebbled. But they offer tranquility and clean blue sea where you can spend a relaxing holiday combined with trips to the mountainous villages in the area.

The largest seaside settlements of the region are Leonidio, Paralia Tyros, Poulithra and Astros.

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