Poulithra village near Leonidio

Poulithra is a small village on the east coast of Peloponnese, 8 km away from Leonidio. The touristic part of the village is around the sea and there you can find accommodation options. The inner part of the village is built along the main road which goes first inwards and after that in south direction, and it consists of the houses of local residents where you can see old mansions mixed with contemporary buildings.

Poulithra is a very calm and quiet holiday destination, as the village is isolated and surrounded by high rocky mountains. Yet there are tavernas and beach cafes, guesthouses and a few larger hotels, and Leonidio is in a short drive for shops. The beach strip is narrow, covered with coarse sand and pebbles, and at the southernmost end of the Poulithra there is a small harbor for fishing boats with one more tiny beach.

The area around Poulithra is paradise for hikers and nature lovers. The high mountains are away from civilization and traversed by almost invisible hiking trails where you can walk in full isolation and enjoy the sea view from above. South of the village there is a large bay with over 2 km long wild beach, surrounded by greenery sloping to the sea.


Poulithra village near LeonidioPoulithra village near LeonidioThe road passing throuh Poulithra

highlights: isolated seaside village surrounded by high mountains, village in Arcadia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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