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The Acropolis of Thassos occupies three hills above the Ancient Agora, in the east part of Limenas above the sea. The hill which is closest to the sea had a large castle with high walls on the top but today only ruins of it can be seen.

You can reach the Acropolis via the path which goes to the Ancient Theater. It starts near Limanaki beach, passes by Evreokastro and goes up the hill to the castle ruins. Except for the view to the harbor there is not much to see here. The path continues further to the second hill where the sanctuary of Athena can be found, and on the third hill is the small but interesting cave of Pan (or sanctuary of Pan). If you want to see the Acropolis, be prepared to walk as the only way to see the castle and the sanctuaries is on foot. Except for them, there are more remnants of ancient buildings, arches and temples but they are scattered all over the town.

highlights: castle ruins, sanctuary of Athena and the cave of Pan, historical sight in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

Acropolis of ThassosAcropolis of Thassos
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