Imerolia is a beach on the north coast of Corfu and less than 1 km from the lively Kassiopi. It is located in the same bay with Kalamionas beach and both are 300 meters away, connected by the main island road.

The beach of Imerolia is long and without any facilities - no beach bars or cafes. It has coarse sand mixed with small pebbles and the water is calm and sheltered from winds. Around the beach there is a handful of private houses and villas, and some of them reach directly to the sea. Here you can also find one fish taverna and a few complexes with rooms to rent. Next to the beach there is a concrete quay for fishing boats and a diving center. A walk to the center and harbor of Kassiopi takes approximately 15 minutes.

faits saillants: long beach next to Kassiopi, plage en Corfou, Îles Ioniennes, Grèce

Fishing boatsLong and empty beachBeachfront housesBeachfront housesEmpty and tranquil even in high seasonAn alley leadin to the fish tavern and the seaKalamionas seen from the quay of Imerolia
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