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Navagio beach, the symbol of Zakynthos and one of the most famous beaches of Greece can be reached only by sea. But all those stunning photos made from high and revealing the beach in all its beauty are not air photos. Actually, there is a road in the western part of the island, accessible by car and going just above the enormous cliffs of Navagio.

The place with the shipwreck view has no specific name, the signboards from the village of Volimes say just "Navagio/Wreck". A small protected platform is provided for taking photos but people usually walk on the edge of the cliffs in order to capture the beach from another point of view, all at their responsibility. The most panoramic views reveal another small beach just next to Navagio, with the same amazing color but without a shipwreck.

The tops of the cliffs are covered by stones and grass and walking is relatively safe, as long as you keep enough distance from the edge. The cliffs slope down vertically and there is no fence or other protection. The only safe place is the platform. Next to the platform, on the left, you can see a dirt road. If you follow it for 300-350 meters, you will reach the top of the cliff behind Navagio which is a spot for practicing BASE jumping and rope jumping.

highlights: panoramic view of Navagio beach, nature in Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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