Saturated blue sea, beach and rocks


You will smell Xigia before you reach it, literally. Due to the sulfur springs in the surrounding sea caves, a strange (and unpleasant) smell can be felt in the air in the whole area around the beach. Nevertheless, people easily get used to it once there, especially because of the healing properties of the water that help for bone, joint and skin related diseases. The places is known as a natural sulfur spa.

Xigia (Xygia) is located in a tiny cove on the northeast coast of Zakynthos, between Alykes and Agios Nikolaos port. The road passes above it but the beach is not visible until you take the turn for it. Xigia has smooth white pebbles instead of sand and transparent blue water which quickly gets deep. The beach is small but in the summer a beach cantina operates there and offers a dozen of sunbeds. 500 meters south of Xigia there are two other small coves known as Little Xigia, although larger in size. They are accessible via short narrow paths and not organized but above one of them you will find a taverna.

highlights: beach with sulfur springs, beach in Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Saturated blue sea, beach and rocksXigiaXigia

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