Along with Vlacherna Monastery, Pontikonissi (also Pondikonissi) is one of the emblematic and most recognizable places on Corfu. If you come to Corfu by plane, they are the first things you will see upon landing on the island. Pontikonissi is a small islet which lies off the coast of Kanoni peninsula and just next to Vlacherna, presented on all photos of the area. Pontikonissi and Vlacherna Monastery are not one and the same sight but because of their close proximity usually people consider them as a whole.

The name of the islet is literally translated as "Mouse Island" and this name is also popular among tourists. Pontikonissi is visible from Perama and from the cafes around the airport and the coast of Kanoni. It is very small and the only building on it is a Byzantine chapel from 11 or 12 century which can be visited by boat. The historical significance of the islet in the past is subject to discussions but its photogenic location has turned it into one of the most visited places on Corfu.

Boats to Pontikonissi depart from the stone pier in front of Vlacherna Monastery and the journey lasts only a few minutes (ticket price - EUR 2.50 per person by 2017).

highlights: one of the emblematic and most recognizable place on the island, historic sight in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

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Pontikonissi - Mouse IslandPontikonissi in the distance behind Vlacherna MonasteryPontikonissi seen from Vlacherna MonasteryFees for boat trips to Pontikonissi
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