Kanoni peninsula seen from Vlacherna


Kanoni is a small peninsula just south of Corfu Town, known as the place where Corfu Airport and the famous Monastery of Vlacherna and Pontikonissi islet are situated. The hotels and complexes with studios to rent are scattered all around the peninsula. On many places you will see ruins of ancient temples and towers - part of the rich historical past of Kanoni.

The seaside is presented only by a few small beaches on the east side, the west is entirely occupied by the airport. The runway of the airport literally ends in the sea, next to the Vlacherna Monastery, and there you can see planes taking off and landing so close to you that you can almost touch them. A few cafes have placed their tables at the south end of Kanoni and they offer view to the airport and the monastery.
highlights: small peninsula south of Corfu Town, village in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece
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