Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

The capital town of Mykonos is Mykonos Town or Mykonos Chora for the locals. It is the heart of the island, the center where all public services are concentrated and where the tourist flow pours out from ferries and cruise ships. The windmills, symbol of the island, the romantic Little Venice quarter and the immaculate white-washed buildings have worked for Mykonos fame and the once quiet small village is now a bustling place attracting celebrities and ordinary people, both young and old, craving to get immerses in its magical atmosphere. If you want to see Mykonos town free from the mass flow, you should pay a visit during the spring or late autumn.

The town is busy in the day with all the ferries that arrive and depart from the new port, and lots pf people get lost in the labyrinth of alleys, taking photos or wondering around. In the night it gets even livelier when both locals and tourists are out, eating in any of the numerous restaurants or drinking in the night clubs. In the summer season, this place practically never sleeps. There are also variety of souvenir and boutique shops offering hand-made products. Most of the cafes and night clubs are around the so called Little Venice - a line of old houses built literally at the sea edge, the waves breaking directly at their foundations. Little Venice is very close to the windmills, located on a small elevation from which you can take great photos. The taverns and fast food restaurants are to be found at the old harbor which is now used only for small fishing boats, or in the inner streets.

The town is a sightseeing itself but if you want something more, you can visit the archeological, nautical or folklore museum, or some of the galleries scattered around the alleys. The small church of Panagia Paraportiani is another place to see, located between the old harbor and Little Venice - it is a conglomeration of five separate temples built next or onto each other. While walking in the center of Mykonos town, you will definitely come across at least one of the three pelicans who live there.

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Mykonos Town
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