Modi is village near the Cretan national road and 12 km west of Chania town. The sea and the beach are less then two kilometers away with Gerani village standing in between. The village is rural in nature and focus mostly in agricultural activities. It is surrounded by gardens with vegetables, vineyards, olive and orange tree plots. There is still undeveloped land full of trees and shrubs, perfect for nature lovers and hikers.

It is believed that on this place an ancient Cretan settlement named Moda or Modaia existed. In 1953 there were archeological searches which revealed tombs, coins, pottery, weaponry and other artifacts from 6-8 century BC. The most interesting findings were coins with the head of the Olympic god Zeus on one side, bull and the word Modaion on the other side. The findings are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

highlights: agricultural village 2km from the sea, village in Chania Region, Crete, Greece
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