Larissa Region

the region of Tempi Valley and the spring of Aphrodite

The Tempi Valley seen from the air

Larissa Region

Larissa occupies a large territory in Thessaly and its capital is the city of Larissa. The region includes part of Mount Olympus to the north and its east part faces the sea. The seaside has a few small settlements which have been developing tourism in the last years - Velika, Stomio and Agiokampos.

In Larissa one can see ruins of Medieval fortress and well preserved ancient theater. An interesting tourist attraction in the region is the Vale of Tempi (Tempi Valley) which lies along the highway Thessaloniki-Athens. Tempi is a gorge through which the Peneus river flows, and it has high vertical cliffs from both sides. There you can visit the church of Agia Paraskevi carved in a rock. Next to the church there is a narrow cave with fresh water spring inside - it is called the Aphrodite spring and its water is believed to have healing power.

highlights: the region of Tempi Valley and the spring of Aphrodite, region in Thessaly, Greece

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