Kalambaka (also Kalabaka) is a town which lies under the famous Meteora monastery complex. There are many hotels, guesthouses and rental rooms, almost all with view of the famous rocks. The town center offers taverns, cafes and stores.

There are two roads going to Meteora from Kalambaka, one from the east side and one from the west side. The village of Kastraki is very close and merged with Kalambaka.

highlights: town under the famous Meteora complex, village in Trikala Region, Thessaly, Greece

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KalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaKalambakaOne of the town squares
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