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You may not see Firostefani on some maps because it appears to be part of Fira with no clear borders where each of them starts and ends. Situated between Fira and Imerovigli, it offers the best volcano view on the island and that is why many of the most expensive hotels and villas of Santorini are concentrated here.

The part of Firostefani which is on the caldera has many labyrinth-like alleys and stairs. Tourist carrying their luggage downstairs to the hotels and waiters supplying food and water with hand carts are often to be seen. Firostefani is connected with Fira by a narrow cobbled street winding above the sea, attracting tourists with cameras any time of the day because it allows you to see the entire Fira glittering in the sun in the afternoon and sparkling with the lights of all restaurants in the evening.

In Firostefani there are some nice cafes with caldera view and a few restaurants but the choice is less diverse than in Fira. You can often see photos of Santorini with a boat on the roof of a white building overlooking the volcano - this boat is exactly in Firostefani.

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highlights: the best caldera view on the island, village in Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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