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They call Ermoupoli ”the Queen of the Cyclades” and indisputably it is a very imposing town, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of two high hills. Its name means ”the town of Hermes” and it was founded in the beginning of 19 century as an extension to the old village of Ano Syros. The town turned out to be main port of Greece at that time and it rapidly developed as a commercial and administrative center.

The neoclassical style dominates in the architecture of Ermoupoli, combining elements of the Greek, Italian and French culture. The two hills above Ermoupoli are known as the ”Christian neighborhood” (Vrondado) and the ”Catholic neighborhood” (Ano Syros), each with a church on the top - one Catholic, one Christian. In the past the two neighborhoods were populated by people with the two different religious beliefs but the locals still use these names and even today half of the population in Syros is catholic.

Ermpoupoli is a town where you can find everything and it offers diverse cultural, social and night life with plenty of museums, churches, shops, cafes, hotels, etc. The commercial center is in the lower part of the town, next to the port, and it gets really busy at night. All shops and cafes are set along the promenade and the main square, Miaouli, which is considered one of the most beautiful squares of Greece. The two hills are topped with houses and you can get lost in the labyrinth of small streets on your way up.

There are two parking lots near the port, one municipal (free of charge) and one paid.


highlights: the Queen of the Cyclades, town in Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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