Ano Syros

Ano Syros

Originally a capital of Syros, the former village of Ano Syros is now a quarter of Ermoupoli known as the "Catholic quarter" because in the past its population was Catholic. If you are watching Ermoupoli from the sea, Ano Syros is the left (higher) hill with the Roman Catholic church on the top.

The settlement was established in 12 century by the Venetians, with those small narrow streets which do not allow cars, and Ano Syros can be examined only on foot. There is a road which goes from Ermoupoli to the foot of the hill and you have to leave you car there. Once inside Ano Syros, you will find yourself in a maze of cobbled streets, steep steps and mini squares. The church of San Giorgio on the top of the hill provides a spectacular view of Ermoupoli and its port. There is also one museum, a couple of other churches, two small cafes and a tavern.


highlights: old village above Ermoupoli, village in Syros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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