Chorio Kimolou

Chorio Kimolou

Kimolos Chora (also Chorio Kimolou, meaning ”the village of Kimolos” in Greek) is the main settlement of the island of Kimolos. It is build on a hill overlooking the sea and the port of Psathi.

Just before you enter the village, you will see a large parking space on your right. It is a free public parking and you`d better leave your car there, if you have such, because the streets of the village are too narrow. In the center of Chorio there are a few traditional cafes, taverns and a bakery/pastry shop with local specialties. Many churches, small and big, can be found on every corner. All the houses are painted in the Cycladic white and blue, with lots of bright flowers sticking from the windows or arranged in big vases.

An interesting sight in Chorio Kimolou is Kastro (the Castle) - an old fortress which served to protect population from pirates. Locals call it ”a village within the village”. Kastro encircles the top of the entire village and along with the ruins you can still see houses build into the old walls, old churches and preserved large parts of the fortress. Some of the souvenir stores and cafes are also build within the walls and the owners will gladly show them to you. The streets of Chorio Kimolou and the Kastro resemble a labyrinth and you can often end up at the door of a private house or in a place you have just passed by. There are similar Castles in Milos and Folegandros but the Kastro of Kimolos is the largest and the best preserved.


highlights: village with traditional houses and a fortress, village in Kimolos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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