a less known island of the cyclades group



Kimolos is a small and less known island of the west Cyclades group. It is not very touristic and thus allows you to feel the authentic atmosphere and hospitality of the locals.

The island can be reached by ferry from the neighboring Milos island (it takes only half an hour) or from mainland or other Cycladic islands (but such ferries are not frequent). Many tourists come from Milos only for a day visit since the island is small, but in order to explore its beaches and enjoy the traditional streets of Chorio Kimolou, the main village, you need at least 2-3 days. Keep in mind there is no car or bike rental service on the island and you should either come with a vehicle, or use the local transport (one small bus and one taxi).

Ferries arrive at the port of Psathi which is only 1 km away from Chorio Kimolou. Except for them, there are a few settlements used as fishing ports. The paved road connects Chorio Kimolou with the south beaches and east beaches. The rest roads are unpaved and limited (a large part of the north area of the island cannot be reached by car at all). Like Milos, Kimolos is of volcanic origin and has a peculiar rocky shoreline with sea caves and formations. The island is very rich in minerals and a type of white clay called Kimolian earth, which had wide use in the past - in medicine, pharmacy and as a soap. That is why some rocks on Kimolos glisten like snow in the sun.

Interesting places to visit on Kimolos:
- Chorio Kimolou, the main village with its labyrinth-like streets and Kastro (an old fortress village inside the main village)
- Agios Georgios beach on the northeast coast, with white pebbles and turquoise water
- The ruins of old tombs near Elinika beach, southwest coast
- Skiadi - a huge stone mushroom, considered a rare geological phenomenon (part of the route to Skiadi is on foot)
- The Vromolimni cave in the north, accessible оn foot


highlights: a less known island of the cyclades group, island in Cyclades Islands, Greece

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