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Kimolos is still one of the underestimated destinations of the Cyclades and considered a hidden gem unknown to mass tourism. Despite its small size, the island attracts with authentic atmosphere, quiet beaches and the hospitality of the local residents.

Many visitors come from neighbor Milos to see Kimolos just for a day, but in order to explore its beaches and enjoy the beauty of Chorio Kimolou, the main village, you need at least 2 days.

General information about Kimolos

Like Milos, Kimolos is of volcanic origin and has a peculiar rocky shoreline with sea caves and formations. The island is very rich in minerals and a type of white clay called Kimolian earth, which had wide use in the past - in medicine, pharmacy and as a soap. That is why some rocks on Kimolos glisten like snow in the sun.

The asphalt road of the island spreads from the port of Psathi to the capital and to some beaches on the east coast. The rest roads are unpaved, and a large part of the north and west area of Kimolos can be reached only by foot.

Where to stay in Kimolos?

There are just two settlements in the island - the capital Chorio Kimolou and the port of Psathi. Rema, Goupa and Agios Minas are fishing harbors with seasonal hotels and the typical for the region old boat garages carved in rocks - they are called syrmata.

The hotels are concentrated mainly around Chorio Kimolou and the beaches on the east and south coast but distances are small and wherever you stay, the main village will be not more than 5 km away.

Which are the best beaches of Kimolos?

The beaches of Kimolos are small and covered with coarse sand or tiny pebbles. The most popular beach of the island is Prassa, and is considered also one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades because of the white sand and the turquoise color of the sea.

Other popular beaches are Bonatsa, Aliki, Elinika and Mavrospilia. Bonatsa has soft sand and shallow water around the shore and it is suitable for small kids. In the summer small beach bars operate at Prassa, Bonatsa and Mavrospilia, the rest beaches of Kimolos have no amenities.

What to do in Kimolos?

Flowers and flower shades inside the castro (castle)

The sights and best things to do Kimolos are:

- Chorio Kimolou, the main village with its labyrinth-like streets
- Kastro Kimolou, the old fortified settlement inside the main village
- Prassa beach
- Skiadi - a huge stone mushroom, considered a rare geological phenomenon
- The Elephant rock formation between Goupa and Rema
- The ruins of old tombs near Elinika beach, southwest coast

What to eat in Kimolos?

Fried squid

Surprisingly, Kimolos has a few specialties which originate from the island and which you can taste only there and in Milos. The most popular is called ladenia and it is the local version of pizza or focaccia - flat bread topped with olive oil, tomatoes, olives and onion. Other things you should try are tirenia (cheese pie), amarathenia (cheese and fennel pie) and elenia (bread stuffed with olives).

The seaside tavernas in Kimolos serve fresh fish and seafood they get every day from the fishermen of the island.

How to get to Kimolos?

Kimolos has no airport, the closest is the national airport of Milos. The easiest way to reach the island is by ferry from Pollonia (Milos) which runs on a daily basis and transfers both cars and passengers. The journey takes half an hour.

There are also ferries from the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio on mainland Greece which stop at Kimolos on the way to other islands of the Cyclades group. The local transport is presented by one small bus and one taxi but there are also two car rental companies in Psathi.

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